The Best Oral Sex

To begin with, you need to understand that each individual body of each human being are different according to London Escorts. You need to forget what you have been seen in porn, where the penis is enormous, very smooth, and so good to taste as it will be inside of a mouth.

You also need to understand that every one of us has a smell. We own our unique scent. It is coming from the food we eat. The products we used the clean our bodies will affect how we smell. With this in mind London escorts are always cautious of what they eat and use on their skin. We should bear in mind that it can be very satisfying for you and with your partner during sex or oral intimacy all you need to do is follow my tips on having the best oral sex.

Having such a good time with your partner is such a fantastic thing. To make it more satisfying, get on with 69. In this kind of position, both of you feel the orgasm and reach the goal together according to London Escorts.
Do not just rely on your partner’s dildo. Be more creative to use something alternative to give you pleasure even without your partner’s appearance. There are a lot of vibrators available in the market. Feel free to check it for yourself. It would be instrumental in using it. You will thank me as you will experience a different form of orgasm that will add to your satisfaction.

Making eye contact most of the time sounds very intimidating, but when it comes to oral sex, this is the very best technique that you should use to feel what you’re doing; it is not a job. You will be sexier in looking straight at the eyes of your partner while doing oral sex. You are captivating his or her attention that you enjoy doing such thing. A simple glance will make a difference and would add such an orgasm towards a partner according to London Escorts.

You have to be in a very comfortable position. It would help if you were very relaxing in doing such a thing. The more relaxed you are, the more you get the climax that you both love.
Foreplay for some is unnecessary, but mind foreplay is such an essential part of oral sex. This will serve as an opener for such an intense oral experience. You could have the best oral sex experience if you do the foreplay passionately.

This tip will do the best of everything; it is called a combined force. A combination of three things sucks the end, a hand on the shaft and the other hand on balls. After doing make sure to position your neck correctly for suitable positioning for a smooth journey towards the climax.

The tongue will do its work most of the oral sex, and the best move you will do is move it in circles around the head quickly. It would drive your partner crazy. The last thing that I would share is for you both is you should know how to listen. Be sensitive to your partner’s desire, pleasure, or orgasm.


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